Our Actions

Our Actions

RePower believes 100 per cent solar power for our community is possible, achievable, sensible and necessary.

RePower believes in:

  • local action on climate change
  • being part of the solution
  • practical solutions
  • individual and community investment in the solutions
  • collaborating with key players

Alice Springs is the best place in the world for solar power, with:

  • a massive solar resource
  • an isolated grid
  • existing knowledge and expertise
  • investment readiness
  • ‘If it can’t work here, it can’t work anywhere’ 

100% solar is technically feasible, with:

  • batteries and rooftops more widely utilised, and utility scale developments
  • appropriate product stewardship and investment
  • political will and community awareness

Solar power makes lives better. It is:

  • cleaner
  • cheaper
  • our action on climate change
  • economic development, generating jobs

RePower Alice Springs will:

  • lobby the Northern Territory government for 100% renewable and zero net emissions
  • lobby gas companies about the climate impact of mining and using gas
  • develop a solar Farm with batteries for community investment
  • develop virtual grids to increase the reliability of electricity